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Email/Search Engines Blocked, But Postal Service Up and Running
With Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo inaccessible, the TITS News crew find the most efficient way of communicating home to their loved ones - good old-fashioned, hand-written letters in ink via the Burmese Federal Postal System. Getting an interview with a courier proved challenging, though, even with Drake's alluring charm.
Dubaians Find "Beam Me Up, Scotty" Funny
Whether or not you find episodes of Star Trek interesting, you'd have to be a dull half-wit to find the technology they used unintriguing. The line "Beam Me Up, Scotty" has provoked a tongue in cheek chuckle to millions worldwide whenever it's used in everyday life, but the people in Dubai are laughing for a different reason: they're enjoying the real practice of "beaming" technology. Catch Drake as he "rides" Dubai's costly, but efficient MTS (Matter Transportation System).
Brazilian Government Still Not Talking to Cell Phone Companies
São Paulo, BRAZIL
As Brazil propels itself towards one of the top five global economies, the rest of the world stands dumbfounded at its disinterest in using cell phones. Drake reveals the technological advantage that Brazil has over the remaining 194 countries of the world, and the genius behind Telefônica.
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