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Human Rights Violations Tied Up in Legal Red Tape
Drake will agree to do just about anything, as long as there are no strings attached. While he doesn't have linonophobia (the fear of string), per se, he does get edgy when people approach him with string, fishing wire, jumping ropes, electrical cords, long strips of duct or sturdy masking tape, uncoiled spools of costume trimming, twine, those flexible plastic strips that the Hong Kong police use for handcuffs that have a ribbed track on one side so it only slides in one direction; basically anything that his brother Steve could tie him up with when they were kids. So when Drake discovered what was happening at the Myanmar National Marionette Theater in Bagan, he was fit to be tied.
Misnomer Leads Humankind Astray For Centuries
Lake Toba, Sumatra, INDONESIA
No wonder Herodotus was labeled "The Father of Lies." He had us all believing that the Fountain of Youth was actually a fountain, or something close, like a spring. He probably knew all along that it wasn't even in the land of Ethiopians either. What a douchebag.
Well, the search is finally over. The fountain is actually a lake, and it's located in the land of Batakians. Follow Drake as he meets up with the locals on Samosir Island, and fails miserably at the "Guess My Age" game.
Watchtower Society Builds Buttload of Watchtowers at One Site
Rome wasn't built in a day. But apparently Bagan was. Drake discovers the not-so-far-fetched explanation for how the thousands of pagodas littering Bagan's landscape were erected overnight.
"Naughty Bits" Policy is More Suggestion Than Rule
Mandalay, MYANMAR
Drake learns that Myanmar didn't abolish everything the British brought to their land. Bless their hearts.
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