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Sumatran Lake Tomatoes
Lake Toba, Sumatra, INDONESIA
Drake is a master fruit picker, having learned a variety of harvesting methods from the world's best. From the vineyards in Italy to the coca plantations in Columbia, from the strawberry fields in Denmark to the olive orchards in Mongolia, Drake had thought he'd seen it all. Until he went to Indonesia's Lake Toba.
Street Fruit
Mandalay, MYANMAR
Drake discovers what all the hubbub is about with the Burmese apples. For starters, they would be called a Burmese vegetable if grown in other countries.
The Original Mrs. Show
Mandalay, MYANMAR
Burmese cooking show phenom, Mrs. Show, strolls down memory lane with a star-struck Drake. Apparently, during the 70s and 80s, quality family time in the Northcott household was spent watching cooking shows together, then preparing the dishes from the program. They saw all 476 episodes of In the Pizza Oven With Mrs. Show. It's no surprise, then, that when the TITS News Corporate office offered Drake the opportunity to interview any celebrity of his choice, he chose Mrs. Show. She wasn't his first choice, but Wayne Gretzky, Giselle Bündchen, Bob Dylan, Pierre Trudeau, Paris Hilton, the Olsen twins, Jessica Rabbit, Hulk Hogan, Bette Midler, Minnie Mouse, and Groucho Marx, to name a few, were unavailable at the time. Oh, Ronald McDonald and Getty Lee, too. And Justin Bieber.
Today's Special
Lake Toba, Sumatra, INDONESIA
During Drake's university years, a close friend of his was bestowed the distinction of BMOC (Big Man on Campus), and spent his reign in constant paranoia that his rivals were scheming to overthrow him. To earn some easy extra cash, Drake agreed to be the BMOC's official trusted food taster. While he fortunately never ingested any poison, he did suffer through many samples of stale cereal, oversalted mashed potatoes, and the BMOC's favorite - baconless BLTs. The experience, though, exposed Drake to new foods and broke him of the habit of always ordering the same thing.
For less than a century, TITS News has prided itself on being a hard-nosed, non-research based reporting medium that educates global citizens on issues of unmentionable impact. It's level of reporting is unparalleled in quality, depth, and knowledge; and is just shy of earning a record 50th Alfred I. du Pont-Columbia University Gold Baton Award for outstanding journalism. The core values of TITS News lie in the virtues of steadfast hypothesizing, thinking outside of the box, and steel gut intuition.
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