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Brazil's Version of Idol Unlikely to Make The Cut
Camburi, BRAZIL
The 200 million residents of Brazil gathered in town hall fashion last month, and unanimously voted to ban the use of all televisions as their communal New Year's resolution. The community's cold-turkey approach is an attempt to avoid being seduced by the mesmerizing, yet utterly inane, programming of today. But the ban applies only to home televisions and to the broadcasting of really crap shows. Large screens will be installed in community centers so that residents, in fellowship, can enjoy the good stuff, such as the four hours of nightly soap operas, football matches, and re-runs of Xou da Xuxa. Ídolos, Brazil's version of American Idol, however, was not mentioned.
Silver Screen/TV Relics Found in Ancient Temples
Ever wonder what happened to Pauly Shore? Neither did we. But Drake and the TITS News team stumbled onto "The Hideaway for the Has-Beens" in an unlikely locale. From Olivia Newton John to Will Farrell, stars of the past live like the Buddhist royalty that may have long ago inhabited their chic, albeit decrepid, hand-carved stone stupas.
Set Design Foreign to Hollywood's Home Away From Home
Why spend the time, effort, and money to build elaborate set designs when a typical natural setting will suffice? Follow Drake as he strolls through a familiar historical landmark in film-making.
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