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5000 Isn't the Same As 5 Times 1000 in Simple Economics
Mandalay, MYANMAR
The government of Myanmar introduced the 5000 Kyat currency note recently, but forgot to include a user's guide in order to help traders of goods and services deal with its mind-numbingly complex significance. Merchants were left on their own, for example, to haphazardly assign the value of the new note to their products, many of them resorting to random number generators or dice rolling to do so. The concept of worth is throwing everyone for a loop. Including Drake.
Canadian Dollar Useless On Sumatra, Indonesia
Lake Toba, Sumatra, INDONESIA
Drake had to rely on his fellow crew members to get by on the island of Sumatra as his Canadian dollars were worth as much as the advice he gives in his "Dear Drake" segments.
Industry is Smokin' - Tops "World's Coolest Payback" Charts
Camburi, BRAZIL
For the first time in over quarter of a century, there's a new breed of sheriff in town, and he doesn't give two hoots about taxes. The 29-year battle between oil and casino states over who will be the reigning King of Cool in the paybacks given to its citizens was lost to an outsider this week.
Everyone agrees that the benefit of having no income tax is pretty damn cool, but many argue that the revenue generated in casino states (like Monaco and Nevada) and oil states (like Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Rhode Island) is so massive that these states couldn't give a rat's ass about piddly income tax anyway. What people have been missing is a legitimate feeling of being gifted something.
So after the smoke had cleared from the latest international survey, it's an industry that can now puff its chest with pride in blazing a new path to coolness. Like the Marlboro Man. How long the reign will last is left to be seen, but only a handful of former kings have enjoyed long-term rule over Kingdom Cool without significant tax perks, most notably Jamaica for its "Free Ganja, Mon" policy, and the Soviet Union for its practice of the "Common Ownership" ideology. Whether it be due to crack, or a crock of shit, neither country has been in contention for quite a long time now.
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