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Family Feud Over Coolest Travel Show Is Over Heating
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
The TITS News team would love to present the Arts segments of our show, but a full-blown kafuffle involving our host Drake and his brother Steve is preventing us from doing so. For those of you who may not know, Steve hosts his own travel show called, "On the Beat and Path."
The trouble began when the two brothers debated on the merits of their shows, each coming to the conclusion that their own show was much cooler. After weeks of stalemate and rising tension, Steve, being the bigger man (not literally because they're identical twins), decided to end the conflict by telling Drake what he wanted to hear.
Unfortunately, the gesture was received by Drake as insincere. As a show of his disapproval, he has demanded that we do not present what he figures Steve will be most interested in viewing - the TITS Arts clips. (The best that we can come up with as to why he thinks that is because Steve was once an art teacher.)
Anyway, we agreed to Drake's demand on the condition that we explain to our viewers for the empty page on what we have witnessed to be the truth of the matter.
So if you read this, Steve, just know that this page will stay empty until you can do a better job of convincing.
By the way, all of us at TITS News think that "On the Beat and Path" is a kick-ass show. As we like to say around the office here, "It's the tits!"
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