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The Benchmarx win "Most Electrifying-Exciting-Exhilirating Live Act"
January 17th, 2010

"But that aside, three performances stood out that night: The first were Most Electrifying, Exhilarating, Exciting LIVE Act Award winner, Benchmarx. Coming on stage with a prickly durian, it was a prop-cum-ironic statement – the Benchmarx guys were not at all thorny but friendly, awesome and put on a massively fun show as they belted out “Hey, hey Malaysia Boleh!”. Heck, with their Malaysian-esque lyrics, these guys were more Malaysian than Malaysians; celebrating the KLCC in song!

There was even an honest-to-goodness guitar-smashing at the end of their performance, making the award a truly well-deserved one."

- Sun2Surf online Entertainment Magazine

"Benchmarx deserved their award hands down - these guys took good time to another level."

- Ani George (Malay Mail Magazine post)

"The Benchmarx appear to be becoming the R.E.M. of the Pacific Rim."

- Pete McCommons, Editor, Flagpole Magazine

" ... or a guitar catching on fire (Benchmarx took guitar smashing to the next level) ..."

 - VOIZE Magazine


What started as a mere excuse to waste Monday afternoons turned into a rock and roll movement that shaped the very lives of thousands, maybe hundreds, well, at least 7 musicians. The Benchmarx formed in 2005 under the common musical umbrella of expression, danger and vast silliness. But heavily sprinkled with Rock n' Roll. While developing their sound, later termed ‘The Ampang Sound’ by countless Rock Magazines, they fooled with covers of rock legends such as Pearl Jam, The Cure and Young MC.

Original members, Eric ‘the Tick’ Beck, Steve ‘the Buzz’ Northcott, Bill ‘Monstah’ Madden, Kenny ‘the Joy Donut’ Peavy (his nicknames have evolved through the poetic transformations of JD to the Real JD, to the realest JD), and Erik ‘Herr Direktor’ Richardson. Through the transience of rock and roll, the Benchmarx found themselves searching for replacement musicians as members were either deported or left to claim Publisher’s Clearing House Checks. When the Tick left the band in 2007, the Benchmarx welcomed David ‘Ace’ Ross into the mix. Originally a stellar lead guitar player, Ace also took over some bass duties as the Benchmarx showcased their versatility seen by swapping instruments throughout their legendary sets. In 2008, the Monstah left to roam the African badlands and left the Benchmarx with another hole to fill. In came Gary ‘the Glove’ Blanton. His creativity and long hair were instantly welcomed to the band.

The Benchmarx released their first full length CD in 2007 aptly entitled, "Greatest Hits Volume 2." They released their second, "Smell the Music," in November 2009. Both are available on iTunes.

The Benchmarx and varied forms thereof have played in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia and The Philippines and look to continue rocking with their unique brand of funk, rock and ridiculousness.


7 Page Spread
in the November 2009 issue of
Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine
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Smell the Music
The Benchmarx's second full-length CD
Released: Nov 14, 2009
available on iTunes
insert includes lyrics
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